I am currently a Game Producer at Schell Games, a full-service game design and development company. I work with clients and with internal IP to create games for many different platforms. 


I was recently the Producer for an entertaining and educational mobile game by Fay Games, due to release in 2017. I oversaw all the departments, delegated tasks, ran meetings, communicated between departments, gave build notes and design feedback, and kept the team on schedule. I was also the PR lead and webmaster for this project. Check back in 2017 for publicity pictures!


Word Snack HD was produced as a part of the Interdisciplinary Game Studio class at Hampshire College in the Fall of 2014.  A team of about 40 students, teachers, and staff worked together on this new twist on a word game.  I was the Art Producer, supervising both 2D and 3D art production and implementation. My responsibilities included running art department meetings, soliciting ideas from artists and giving feedback, communicating with the programming, game design, and audio teams to ensure all art needs were met, giving build notes, and presenting regularly on my team's progress.  The game shipped in December of 2014, and is currently available for download on the App and Android stores. Learn more and download the game at


Wizards & Stuff is a magical mele game designed to make fighting with wizards truly fun, instead of just a "glass cannon" characters.  The game uses Xbox controllers to support a fast-paced, multi-player experience.  I was the Producer on this team, and I managed the entire team of six for the entire semester.  This entailed weekly presentations about our progress, thorough playtesting, art and design feedback, and careful scheduling to help us achieve all our design goals.  I also tried my hand at video game art; all the UI components are made by me. Download the Xbox controller driver and play the game online here:



I'm currently working on Colorbourne as part of the Interdisciplinary Game Project class at Hampshire college.  The semester is broken down into three 4-week projects, so the goal is to efficiently convey a simple and satisfying idea at the end of a very tight production timeline. In Colorbourne, you are a depressed artist, and all your dreams have gone gray. Your job is to bring the color back, and avoid the enemies that hinder your progress.  The game is infinitely replayable, and no two playthroughs of the game are the same.  I was the Producer on this project. I managed our five-person team by prioritizing features, communicating between design, art, and programming, and by creating a clear schedule. You can play the latest (not final) build of the game here:


I participated in the 2015 48 Hour Game Jam. My team decided to put a new twist on traditional co-op games by having the roles and abilities of the two players constantly changing, requiring verbal communication as well as in-game collaboration.  The game is an infinite runner from the perspective of a fish who is trying to avoid sharks and other under-sea obstacles.  The link for this game is currently broken, but we're working on getting it fixed.

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