I am a Founding Member of the theatre company Real Live Theatre, based in the Pioneer Valley.  I am the Company Administrator there, as well as the Producer of our current season and ongoing tour. I routinely Stage Manage RLT productions, and I manage outreach, finance, and administrative efforts. My responsibilities as Company Administrator include updating records, maintaining insurance, and keeping accounting records. Currently, I am taking the lead on getting our company incorporated as a non-profit. As a Founding Member, I also shape our long-term vision, and financial goals. Our mission is to to enrich and uplift the cultures of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts by being a socially responsible cooperatively run ensemble.  We are committed to weekly trainings, to continually improve our craft, and to telling stories that matter for our community. To find out more about what we do, check out our website:


I was a student, Stage Manager, Director, Actress, and Board Member at the Drama Studio while in middle and high school. After graduating, I stayed on the Board of Directors for my first two years of college.  I got my start stage managing at The Drama Studio when I was fourteen, and I fell in love. I stage managed nine shows over the course of my time at The Drama Studio, including the largest show to date, The Snow Queen, which performed at CityStage in Springfield and consisted of 80+ actors, techies, volunteers, and designers.  I was also the first student to earn the privilege of directing my own play, and throughout my time there I directed or assistant directed five shows. As a Board Member, I helped the organization craft fundraising strategies, improve alumni relations, launch a merchandise line, and decide whether to move facilities. You can learn more about the incredible work The Drama Studio does at


I worked at The Ogunquit Playhouse on two projects with tight production timelines.   First, I stage managed a production of The Berenstain Bears, which had just one week for rehearsals.  With such a quick development time, it was crucial to communicate clearly with all the creative departments involved in the show, and take very organized notes about every aspect of the show so we didn't have to waste time redoing work.  The second project was The Little Mermaid, Jr., performed as part of The Ogunquit Playhouse's theater education program for children. On this project, I was the Production Assistant. My main job was to ensure that the director and stage manager could focus on getting children to learn dance routines and staging while I took care of all the technical details.  I was the go-to person for technical and design questions during the rehearsal process and during performances.


I have been a frequent participant of Northampton's 24 Hour Theater project. The final performance is five 10-minute plays that have been written, staged, rehearsed, and performed within 24 hours of starting. Stage Managing in this project is a real treat because of the sheer intensity of the day.  5 directors are each assigned a play and a Stage Manager, and they take their casts to start rehearsing immediately. I worked closely with my director to make sure that I understood her creative vision so that I could communicate it efficiently to the designers. I took detailed notes all day so that I could quickly answer any questions that came up about tech or staging.  It's important to start this project with a can-do attitude and a willingness to constantly adapt to unforseen challenges.


At Smith College I was the Assistant Stage Manager for A Midsummer Night's Dream in Fall 2012.  As an ASM, my main concern was to make rehearsals as pleasant and efficient as possible. That includes coming to rehearsals with a happy, friendly attitude, making everyone feel safe, doing tasks or running errands to get things for rehearsal, taking notes for future reference, and generally addressing any needs that come up.

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