I was the video Producer for the Through My Window engineering education project from January of 2014 until September of 2015.  Run as a joint project between professors from Smith and Springfield Technical Community College, Through My Window endeavors to present engineering education in a new way, with the specific goal of catering to female students, students of color, non-traditional students, and others traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. As the Producer, I delegated filming, animation, and editing tasks to teammates to maximize efficiency.  The videos support the lessons, the teacher guide, and publicity efforts. I was involved in the development of each video, from writing the script to the final edit.  I would weigh in on script meetings and curriculum meetings to present my vision for how a video could most simply convey a complex concept.  I am not able to post these videos to my personal portfolio at this time, but you can learn more about the project here: and

I was the Production Assistant on "The Life and Legacy of Otelia Cromwell". The film was commissioned by Smith College as a documentary about the first African American graduate of Smith College, and the school-wide day of reflection established in her honor. As a PA, I did lots of research about Otelia and the historical events of her time to inform the script writing.  I processed interview files to prepare them for the editor, and I provided technical assistance on set during interviews on location. The completed video can be found here:


I produced a collaborative animated short with two other students.  The whole project was completed over the course of a month as the final project for an Animation II class. I produced the whole piece, and provided some technical rigging expertise.  We focused making a very short movie that looked exactly how we intended, instead of going for a longer piece but not being able to devote as much time to each frame.  As a producer, communication between teammates was my primary focus, as we mostly worked remotely.  Careful scheduling, clarity about deadlines, and managing the scope of the project were also key factors in success.


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