In the summer of 2013, I worked as a story intern for my local public radio station, WFCR.  I produced all of them myself; I chose the topics, recorded the interviews, and edited the audio for each.  These stories were posted online, in the AudioFiles section of the site, which shares stories about local people, events, and institutions. 


Behind The Scenes At The Zoo In Forest Park

The Zoo in Forest Park recently received Samson, an African Lion as part of an inter-zoo exchange. Jennifer McGrath and Kim Madrak tell us about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the animals happy and everything running smoothly.


Rowing Together At The Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club

Erin Sprong, Director of Rowing at the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club, sat down to talk with me about their rowing programs, and the benefits of group sports.


Green Mentality

Michele Wick talked with me about how energy efficiency and a commitment to the environment incorporates into our lives, whether it be as big  as the deep energy retrofit she had done to her house, or smaller, sustained changes we make in our lifestyles.


Smith Quidditch Conflict

Smith College’s Quidditch team has been expelled from the International Quidditch Association for not having any male players, despite being a women’s college.


Life After Steve: New Leadership At The Drama Studio

Steve Hays, the founder of the Drama Studio in Springfield, MA, recently retired, causing the theatre group to change their leadership model and face other challenges as they move forward without their founder.