Focus on Digital Art, including 3D modeling, rigging, lighting, shading, animation and rendering.  Made several interactive, time-based media by coding applications using Processing. My speciality is in UI design, and my Kahn Institute area of research was in interface theory.  I have a background in digital and analog photography, and digital videography.


Comfortable with HTML5/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Processing, R, Git, and C#.  I am or have been the webmaster for the Smith College Fellowships Office, The Drama Studio, Real Live Theatre, and Lovejoy Law Firm.  I have used JavaScript and Processing to make several of my own applications.  I used R to do statistical analysis and write reports for my economics class. We use C# in all of the video game design classes I have taken, and so I have a provisional knowledge of it to help me communicate with my teammates.  I have experience using Git on collaborative projects.


I'm comfortable with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, DreamWeaver, InDesign, and Illustrator), Maya, Mudbox, Sculptris, Audacity, Processing, RStudio, Unity, Producteev, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. 


International Game Developers Association

I am a current member of the IGDA, a resource for game developers of all disciplines, including Production. Membership provides access to exclusive events, professional resources, and a community of game developers from all over the world.

Stage Managers' Association

I am a current member of the SMA, a resource for working stage managers. Membership granted by application only. The SMA provides skill development workshops, the opportunity for students to observe and work with experienced professionals, and access to certain industry events.


I'm an outreach and publicity specialist, and I know how to use social media sites effectively.  I practice Agile Methodology. I speak conversational French. I'm an avid traveler with valid passport. I have my own, insured vehicle and a valid Massachusetts driver's license.